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Sim Racing Hardware

  • Base: Fanatec CSL DD with Boost Kit
  • Steering Wheel 1: Fanatec R320 Alcantara with Button Modul Endurance, Clubsport Magnetic Shifters and Podium Hub
  • Steering Wheel 2: Fanatec Clubsport F1 2021 LE
  • Steering Wheel 3: OMP 330 on Podium Hub
  • Pedals: Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals with Load-Cell
  • Shifter: SHH Newt (Seq. and H-Mode)
  • Handbrake: generic 14-bit china handbrake
  • Buttonbox: DIY with 32 functions
  • Dashboard: Samsung Galaxy S4 powered by Simhub
  • Rig: DIY 8020 slot profiles
  • Wind: 2x 120mm fans, Arduino Uno controlled
  • Vibration: 2x 100W bodyshaker with 2x 50W audio amplifier
  • Seat: Mirco GT FIA approved bucket seat
  • Keyboard/Mouse: Rii i8 mini keyboard with touchpad
  • Monitor new: LG OLED B19LA 55" TV
  • Monitor old: LC-Power M34-UWQHD-100-C 34" curved monitor
  • Webcam: Razor Kiyo Pro

More videos on my Youtube channel

More videos on my Youtube channel

More videos on my Youtube channel